I can confirm that I have transferred £508.30 into the Battle Buddy account, and that should be there now for you.

Thank you to everyone concerned for being there for my family, and for Lee, it means a great deal to us.

The army was his life, Lee was at his best whilst serving, and we believe that those were the best years of his life, as well as his best memories.

He struggled after leaving the army, and I don’t think that he ever really settled, we know that he regretted leaving, and did consider going to work abroad, as so many ex army veterans do, but by then he had 2 little dogs, and he put them before his own needs.

Lee suffered depression after leaving, and this grew progressively worse over the last few years, but like so many others, he would not talk about it or seek help, he had stopped his cycling, keep fit, weight training and even his long walks with the dogs, and became something of an introvert, however on the outside, he was still the same lovely, warm hearted man we all knew, and he played down how he was feeling on the inside.

Lee passed from natural causes, however we do feel that the change in his life style, giving up on the things he enjoyed, and the depression made him give up, and perhaps if he had had the help he needed, he would still be here today.

If we could prevent other families from going through this heart ache, and ensure their loved ones receive the help that they need, then that would be something very close to our hearts, and Lee would most definitely have wanted that too.

If I could ever do anything to help another family / veteran, be it something simple, and it is in my power to do so, please just ask, I would be honoured to help.